The lifecycle of Web Development

The lifecycle of web development has four major steps: plan, develop, deliver, and maintain.

Let’s start with some basics, who is the client? Are they looking for a new page or an entire site? What type of tech do they use and what are they looking for in the site? Who is on your team and what roles will they fill?

After listening and taking notes from the client you can begin to develop the outline and content. Some questions you may want to ask: Do they want to collect customer/visitor info for email list? How do they want to manage the site? How often will it need to be updated? Make sure you get digital copies of the logo and any other images they wish to use. Verify any trademark colors.

The delivery may come after several drafts, so make sure the client is part of the process, this will make for small adjustments. Make sure the get a PDF version only until you get paid.

Last thing who is going to maintain the page/site? If it’s you, then setup a calendar reminder to follow up on the agreed timeframe. Some companies do manage sites, if they are looking for more than you offer, make sure you have a plan in place for them.




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