How to deal with clients?

The struggle of dealing with clients who do not know exactly what they want or maybe that know exactly what they want – and can’t get it.


The I don’t know customer


Be prepared, they expect you to know EVERYTHING, if you’re lucky. Have a portfolio prepared, clients that don’t know what they want, might respond better to multiple choice questions during the planning. Visual aids and less tech terms are also useful. Understanding their vision of the site will better help you determine the site’s needs. Have them look at a few sites, what do they like or don’t like. How much tech are they looking for, the latest greatest or more of a static starter page. How much tech can they afford?


Know it all, but can’t have it all client.

The first step is to listen, you need to understand their wants. It’s your job to figure out what the actual needs are is going to be. You can build any type of tech into a site for them, but if their infrastructure isn’t setup to handle it, what’s the point? What’s the compromise? What can you offer in place of what they can’t have?


Most important, listen more than you talk. Make sure you keep current, you don’t want a client to know more than you.



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